Intelligent Pronunciation & Heating for Sex Doll

About Our Doll Smart Sex Doll

If you are not ready for an AI Sex Doll Robot – the Smart Doll is an ideal option. (Touch sensors Interactive Voice + Body Temperature Control )

Our Smart Doll is comparable to any top-quality TPE Sex Doll (like a WM Doll) but with features that other sex dolls do not have for the same price:

Touch Sensors for Sex Doll Female Orgasm vocalization

Intelligent moaning system with body sensors including a vaginal sensor, left breast sensor, right breast sensor(there are pronunciation chips inside), How to use: The doll sound switch Set on the top of the doll head(height over 125cm doll), Please turns on the intelligent moaning system. that reacts to your touch vaginal, breast with erotic sexual moaning responses – you’ll know when you are pleasing her. Her very sexual and intimate voice responses let you enjoy the ultimate orgasm. When not in use, please turn off this button(if Height <125cm doll height doll, The moaning switch set on the back of the doll body).

Body Temperature Control system for female Sex Doll

The doll Body Temperature Control system switch Set on the back of the doll body, Please press the body temperature + control key to increase the device to 90 degrees, the corresponding physical temperature of the doll can reach 45.0C (the doll will be hot), we recommend increasing the temperature of the device to 75c, corresponding to the physical temperature of the doll about 35, which is close to the normal temperature of the human body, Heat the physical temperature of the doll to a normal body temperature of 36.0C-40C(temperature of the device showing:75.0c-90.0c). Being intimate with a warm body brings the experience to a new level of realism and comfort – just like being next to a real girl.

The most common implementation is an electric plug extending from the back of the neck or under their arm. Prior to using the user will simply plug in his sex doll for a 30 minutes MAX to allow the sex doll to warm up.

We test this feature several times before shipping your package, Please check on her internal temperature before penetration and do not leave your doll plugged into the wall longer than the recommended 30 minutes. Our doll engineer has designed the function of overcharging, it will cut off the electricity when it reaches a certain temperature.

Attention: Although our heating system has an overcharge function, please remember to turn off the full body heat after using the doll. If you leave it on for too long, it may damage your doll. The heating must be turned off manually.

Points to note:
A. Please do not use the doll while charging.
B. The temperature of the vagina must be checked before use to avoid burns.
C. If the charger is too hot when charging, you can pull out the heat exchanger. 10 minutes later, you can charge again. But if the same situation happens, please contact us.
D. Charging time should not exceed one hour.

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