How to Buy

How to Buy?

Want to buy sex dolls online but don’t know how?

If you have never bought anything online before, how do you get started? A very simple three-step process is as follows.

Step 1: Find your item.

Enter your keyword or sku in the search box located in the header of any page, or browse through the list of doll names and categories at the top of any page.

Step 2: Learn about the item you found and add it to your shopping cart

Step 3: Buy items online.

Step by step instructions to help you buy online at

“Add to cart” and “Finish payment”

“Shopping Cart” (

You can view the quantity and total price of the products and complete the payment via credit card or other means button. Once payment is complete, congratulations!!! You have completed the shopping process on the shopping cart page, (please refer to: Payment Methods).

Or go ahead and click on “Proceed to Checkout” (

Click “Proceed to Checkout” to continue your purchase.

Note: Whichever payment method you choose, you will need to add your shipping and billing addresses (they may be the same). Your address will be saved. Then go back and select the shipping and payment method.

More tips.

1. If you have some special instructions or requests, please write them down in the comment box.

2. 2. Click “Place Order Now” to complete your order.

3. 3. If you have any questions about your payment, you can contact us via “Live Chat” or you can email us at <[email protected]>.

Step 4: Track and receive your shipment.

Once you have successfully paid for your orders, we will process them as soon as possible. And a tracking number will be sent to your email address. You can track your goods on the relevant website by this number.

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