Sex Doll EU Warehouse

Want to get your love doll faster and can’t wait 20 to 30 days for the required model making? Good news!!! We also have a well established sex doll warehouse in Europe, so don’t worry about customs. Please feel free to choose from our ample inventory of styles and real love dolls. Our sex dolls are stored in Belgium, order today and you will receive them next week!

UK Sex Dolls, Spain, France, German, Belgium, etc EU Countries

Wait no longer and discover our “Ready to Ship from the EU” sex dolls. They are currently in storage in European warehouses located in Europe(warehouse in Belgium) and are just waiting for you to agree to have them delivered. “Ready to Ship from the EU” sex dolls are customizable and sold as presented in the photos. They will be delivered in express mode within 48h after payment. These dolls undergo a complete quality control check and are sold new.

These love dolls are delivered to your doorstep in full discretion and at no additional cost by UPS/FEDEX. No customs taxes and no extra costs will be presented on delivery.

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